Tecnogroup have made strategic investments to develop companies and assets who strengthen our busines

Tecnova Renovables, is the market leader in development, provision, management and implementation of generation systems for photovoltaic energy in Uruguay. It offers technological solutions adapted to the specific needs of companies, investors and residential customers, whether commercial or industrial.

Tecnova Renovables counts with international experienced professionals in the field of construction and development of photovoltaic stations. This human asset allows to build operate and maintain the stations, as well as the development of high scale sun photovoltaic plants.

In the area of solar farms, Tecnova Renovables has developed different plants for a total of 100 MW, effort carried out together with important international companies in this field.

Montajes Electromecánicos Tecnogroup (MONTEC) is in charge of electro-mechanic installations.

It includes photovoltaic installations, supporting structures, photovoltaic panels and string frames, setup of transformation centers, installation of street lighting, and underground and high lighting, medium and low voltage.

MONTEC counts with experienced professionals in the field of setup and provision of service including photovoltaic installations, wind farms and electric energy line distribution. As part of its responsibilities, they perform preventive and corrective maintenance tasks in all installations, carried out by experienced and well-trained personnel who always work with the highest international security norms in mind.

AC Constructora is a company composed of a group of experienced professionals in the field of public works to setup distribution lines and transmission of electric energy, as well as projects on road infrastructure and its maintenance.

With a proven track record of seriousness, innovation and competition, it has achieved a sustained growth thanks to its ability to identify new investment opportunities within its industrial, technological and business expertise.

Main activities are in the field of renewable energies and public works in the setup of photovoltaic energy plants and wind farms, as well as infrastructure for electric energy distribution, aiming at a controlled and sustainable development when opening new markets to deliver high quality services at all times.

Novasol Ingeniería is a young and dynamic Uruguayan company, with experienced professionals that offer solutions in the creation of engineering projects in the electrical area and in the generation of electric energy.

Novasol Ingeniería providing engineering services in the areas of power generation, transmission and distribution. It also carries out economic evaluations, manages projects, and provides natural resources and environmental advisory services.

Novasol Ingeniería has a permanent staff of specialists with training in electrical, civil and industrial engineering, economics. The company also hires outside professionals for specific studies and projects.

Novasol Ingeniería develops the executive project to connect to the UTE (Administración Nacional de Usinas y Trasmisiones Eléctricas) grid as well as any other electrical studies and evaluation and development of projects.

HORMITEC, located too at the industrial park of Paysandú, produces premade concrete products.

They are not only to be used in photovoltaic installations, but also used in blocks, girders, tiles, plaques, cameras, tubes, paving stones and special pieces.

The main objective is keeping the quality and leadership of the group.

It counts with the best professionals for the engineering process and construction, which ensure the best quality standards for the final product and deadlines are met.

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