Tecnogroup carries out various activities to improve the quality of life of its workers and their families

Sustainable Development

These Principles govern the entire Tecnogroup, including suppliers and contractors.

  • Develop the business and ensure behavior according to the Company’s ethical principles. Value work as one ambit of responsibility and commitment.
  • Establish channels for dialogue with our stakeholders that are effective, direct, transparent and timely, take into account their opinions and show our performance.
  • Respect the human rights and encourage the protection of their health and safety.
  • Assure compliance with strategic objectives by having integrated economic, social and environmental variables in decision-making throughout the chain of value.
  • Promote a mutual understanding with neighboring communities based on their cultural diversity and contribute to their development without creating relationships of dependency.
  • Ensure compliance with governing law and voluntary commitments. Apply standards based on good international practice where the law is considered insufficient.
  • Have a planning, allocation, implementation and control process that ensures organizational effectiveness in the use of resources while promoting innovation and continuous improvement.

“Tecnogroup serves the community, respecting the environment and the safety of individuals, with a commitment to creating a better world for the future generations”

Human Capital

Human capital is a key aspect in the overall performance of Tecnogroup. To that end, each of the Group companies carries out various activities to improve the quality of life of its workers and their families. These are mainly focused on the areas of training, safety, occupational health, quality of life and benefits.

Development Of

National Labor Skills

Tecnogroup, through an agreement among their subsidiary, Tecnova Renovables, the National Institute of Employment and Professional Education for the private sector (INEFOP) and the University of Labor in Uruguay (UTU), participates in the creation of advanced training courses, aiming at training individuals to apply for job positions in TECNOGROUP.

Main Objectives

Tecnogroup wants to be a benchmark in energetic development that creates economic, social and environmental value

Social Relations

Tecnogroup develops projects and operations in Uruguay and in different regions in the world. It recognizes the diversity of the societies to which it integrates as a key factor to the success of the business. This policy governs for all workers and contractors in the operations and projects undertaken by Tecnogroup.

We promote local capacities through actions that foster a sustainable development and avoid creating dependencies, while facilitating alliances that encourage local employment and economic activity.

We understand and we study in advance the social, cultural, economic, legal and political realities of the zones in which we do business and we evaluate the potential impacts, risks and opportunities that our activities represent to people.

We implement a process of handling public affairs through an analysis of the understanding of the world, national, regional and local environment that includes regular interaction with the main stakeholders.